Yugoexport, 2015-ongoing

The import-export business of making history demands an equivalence, a loyalty, and a familial solidarity between people and things. Such skills are best honed in conditions of blindness, where we cannot immediately tell what is in the room with us and whether it is alive or dead.


Yugoexport is a blind, non-aligned, oral corporation modeled after the self-managed, autonomous, unofficial organizations and experimental clubs within the larger state infrastructure of the former Yugoslavia. Incorporated in the United States (where corporations are people), launched in Paris and headquartered in New York, Yugoexport is an avatar of Jugoeksport, a defunct Yugoslav apparel manufacturer and weapons exporter.


Since the dissolution of Yugoslavia in 2003, ‘Yug’ is a vacant space, and Yugoexport occupies it by returning to the original meaning of yug or jug which is south. The oral corporation mounts production on sur-national scale from this cardinal direction, from the Balkans and the old Roman trade and military route, the Via Militaris.


Yugoexport’s process of in-corporation continues.