Frauenbank Berlin, 2022

There is a candle by the door. A lit candle means someone is already inside. You are welcome. Light the candle if you find it unlit. In a surround of shimmering walls, history recedes. This is a place for preparing to remember that money was the weakest foundation. A means for those who could not, or would not, imagine novel ways to transact.


Starting on March 4, 2022, Yugoexport and n.b.k. welcome you to a place for Frauenbank, a cooperative bank active from 1910 to 1916 in Berlin, one of the first by and for all working women. To recall its future use, Gilla Dölle’s voice transmits the The Epic of Frauenbank Berlin, speaking of the ongoing struggle to empower, emancipate, and develop economies for those deemed different and thus disposable. 


Current political systems apply their aggression against multitudes by chiefly economic means. Economic infrastructure underpins all materials, labor, and products of artistic making. These infrastructures leave clear aesthetic marks. The grip of this force configures our lives, gives them their look and feel. To work in a field rooted in making desires – to make art today – is to share the responsibility for what aesthetic economies maintain. Desires, many of them powered by art, brought us here. We must desire differently. Only then, as projectiles land closer, will it be impossible to enjoy them as music.  


So let us start with the ears. They perceive beyond the optical. This perception needs practice. In Frauenbank Berlin, find a place to exercise your ears, be unmoved by taking and having, and touch the presence of a solidarity extended across time. Extinguish the candle if you are the last to leave.