Cabaret Économique, 2022

Like every pleasant intimate affair, the cabaret requires Dean Kissick, 500 EUR bills and the fact of cannibal sirens.


April 30, 2022


Anita Berber

Pankstr. 17, Berlin


Directed by: Irena Haiduk

Written by: Irena Haiduk and Dean Kissick

Costumes by: Yugoexport

Special musical thanks to: Idoli, Elektricni Orgazam and Johan Papaconstantino

Produced by: Yugoexport and n.b.k.




Dirk Foermer: guitar, ringer

Irena Haiduk: voice, warewolf Gmork

Dean Kissick: voice, witness, Atreyu

Christian Schmitz: percussion, synth, narrator
Tatiana Meija: cleaner, dancer

Jasmin Ihraç: dancer


This cabaret is dedicated to Lane Gutović. His sharp heels and sharper wit defended him until last August, when this brilliant actor made the corona virus laugh so hard it shook his body to death.