Cabaret Èconomique, 2020

Like every intimate Cabaret, Èconomique requires a key, musicians, a large mirror and the fact of cannibal sirens. 


February 13 & 14

8:00 PM 

Swiss Institute, New York



Writers: Irena Haiduk and Dean Kissick

Costumes: Yugoexport

Sound coordinator: Scott Kiernan

Special thanks to: Idoli & Elektricni Orgazam



Dani Bauer: bass

Irena Haiduk: voice, fire, warewolf Gmork

Dean Kissick: voice, witness, Atreyu

Laura McLean-Ferris: synth, Satan, narrator

Daniel Merritt: himself

Christian Schmitz: percussion, synth

Maggie Selage: cleaner, dancer


Produced by Yugoexport.