2020 Exhibitions and Programs

Remaster: Bullitt Working. Image for Swiss Institute, 2019. Produced by Yugoexport.

REMASTER, January 17–March 22

Swiss Institute, 38 St Marks Pl, New York, USA


Exhibition Hours

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 2–8pm

Saturday 12-8pm

Sunday 12-6pm



Remaster Programs at Swiss Institute


January 16, 7PM

Key Issue Ceremony with Jovana Stokic


January 31, 7PM

Shadows Cast by Things and People: A Candlelit Talk with Irena Haiduk and Laura McLean-Ferris


February 6, 7PM

Models with Amanda Googe, Irena Haiduk, Monika Szewczyk 


February 13 & 14, 8PM

Cabaret Économique with Irena Haiduk, Dean Kissick, Christian Schmitz 

March 20, 7PM

Recording Session at Apartment 50 with Saim Demircan, Darby English, Vladimir Ivkovic, Marija Karan, Thomas Love, Olivia Roper-Caldbeck, Anna Shteynshleyger


March 22, 8PM

Cabaret Économique with Saim Demircan, Irena Haiduk, Vladimir Ivkovic, Dean Kissick




Samuraj by U Škripcu is used in Yugoexport Preview

Schwule über Europa by Idoli is the march performed at the end of Lunar Interval VI

Yugoexport Logo is re-rendered by Oliver Sabin, HelloMe