2020-21 Exhibitions and Programs

Remaster: Bullitt Working. Image for Swiss Institute, 2019. Produced by Yugoexport.




Galerie Max Mayer, Schmela Haus, Mutter-Ey-Straße 3, Düsseldorf

May 21–July 3

Until further notice we kindly ask you to request a timeslot in advance of your visit by writing to info@maxmayer.net


ITA: Initiative for Trade Aesthetics

January 1-ongoing, itatransacts.space







Swiss Institute, 38 St Marks Pl, New York, USA

 January 17–March 22


Co-comissioned with TANK Shanghai, 2380 Longteng Avenue, Shanghai, China

July 16–January 31, 2021


Programs at Swiss Institute:


January 16, 7PM

Key Issue Ceremony with Jovana Stokic


January 31, 7PM

Shadows Cast by Things and People: A Candlelit Talk with Irena Haiduk and Laura McLean-Ferris


February 6, 7PM

Models with Amanda Googe, Irena Haiduk, Monika Szewczyk 


February 13 & 14, 8PM

Cabaret Économique with Irena Haiduk, Dean Kissick, Christian Schmitz 

March 20, 7PM

Recording Session at Apartment 50 with Saim Demircan, Darby English, Vladimir Ivkovic, Marija Karan, Thomas Love, Olivia Roper-Caldbeck, Anna Shteynshleyger
(private due to outbreak)


Programs at TANK Shanghai:


October 5, dusk, TANK lawn

Oration of Yugorxport's Articles Of In-Corporation with Xinbo Feng


November 9, 4pm

Key Issue Ceremony


Other REMASTER credits:

Samuraj by U Škripcu is used in Yugoexport Preview

Schwule über Europa by Idoli is the march performed at the end of Lunar Interval VI

Yugoexport Logo is re-rendered by Oliver Sabin, HelloMe for Yugoexport fanfare


Secret studio activity

Basel, Switzerland
September 17–20


Visual Art Forum: Irena Haiduk, School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

October 13


Decapitation Index, July 18, 1968

Not Made Not Chosen Not Presented, ML Fine Art, London, UK

November 6—December 4


Artist Conversations: Barbara Kasten and Irena Haiduk, Aspen Art Museum, USA

December 10


Yugoexport Fanfare and Preview

Screening, Camden Art Centre, London, UK

December 16


Cabaret Èconomique, 2020

Cabaret Economique, February 14, 2020, Valentines Day. Hold you close, smell your hair, may I please, touch you there?

Like every intimate Cabaret, Èconomique requires a key, musicians, a large mirror and the fact of cannibal sirens. 


February 13 & 14

8:00 PM 

Swiss Institute, New York



Writers: Irena Haiduk and Dean Kissick

Costumes: Yugoexport

Sound coordinator: Scott Kiernan

Special thanks to: Idoli & Elektricni Orgazam



Dani Bauer: bass

Irena Haiduk: voice, fire, warewolf Gmork

Dean Kissick: voice, witness, Atreyu

Laura McLean-Ferris: synth, Satan, narrator

Daniel Merritt: himself

Christian Schmitz: percussion, synth

Maggie Selage: cleaner, dancer


Produced by Yugoexport.

Natural Order, 2019

Natural Order: Pablo Bannwart, Nora Gonet, Eliott Herrenschmidt-Picard, Peter Oderinde, Kevin Ogbovoh, Iden Joshua Senthil, Faye Rownes, Ciwan Tasan, Vinzenz Wyss working. Yugoexport Studio, 2019.

June 10 –16, 2019

Daily performances at 6:30 pm

Natural Order Program I: June 10, 12, 14, 16

Natural Order II: June 11, 13, 15

Free and open to the public


Alte Universität, Terrace

Rheinsprung 9

 CH-4051 Basel


On hiatus since 1991, our delegation issues its annual report. Like all declarations made on Swiss soil, this call for Natural Order is best heard in spring/summer conditions, sporting knee-high socks and minimal makeup.


Pablo Bannwart

Nora Gonet

Eliott Herrenschmidt-Picard

Peter Oderinde

Kevin Ogbovoh

Iden Joshua Senthil

Faye Rownes

Ciwan Tasan

Vinzenz Wyss


Organized by: Art Basel Parcours, Galerie Max Mayer and Yugoexport.


Cabaret Économique, 2019

REMASTER, Stage Backdrop, 2019, produced by Yugoexport.

Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin


Access via Invalidenstrasse

Thursday, March 7, 6 pm 

Free entrance, limited capacity


At Cabaret Économique, we record a work for a voice and an audience. This recording session is a soundtrack for a scene for REMASTER (2009-ongoing), assembling a film from one exhibition to another. 


Beryl Chepkirui

Tarren Johnson

Lin Qian

Lixue Lin-Siedler

Andara Shastika

Wenti Sheng

Christian Schmitz


Stage technicians: LICHTblick Bühnentechnik

Tableau Économique, 2019

Tableau Économique, 2019, Leisure Mode, Photo by Anna Shteynshleyger.

From February 16 to May 12, Yugoexport's Tableau Économique transacts live.  Like all living things, the tableau has two modes: leisure and labor.


At leisure the tableau rests, sleeps and rejuvenates. In labor mode the tableau may be contacted for transactions, either in person or through a live online TV hotline.


The tableau is designed as an interior of a photographic camera, a studio where, over time, economic and oral transactions load an image.

Lunar Interval VI, 2018

Lunar Interval VI, 2018. Photo by Daniel Bauer. Produced for Yugoexport.

Thursday, May 31, 8pm

Co-presented with 80WSE, NYU, Barney Building

34 Stuyvesant Street, New York


Sunday, October 14, 8 pm

Wildcard, the Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago Annual Benefit

5811 South Ellis Ave, Chicago IL 60637


At Lunar Interval VI, we record a work for a voice and an audience. This recording session is a soundtrack for a scene for REMASTER (2009-ongoing), assembling a film from one exhibition to another. 


Cast: Lin Qian, Olivia Roper-Caldbeck

Organized by: Laura McLean-Ferris, Nicola Lees, Solveig Øvstebø

documenta 14 Athens, 2017

Articles Of In-Corporation at Stoa Tou Vivliou, Athens, 2017. Photo by Yiannis Hadjiaslanis.

April 6 –July 14

Pesmazoglou 5, Athens


Oration of Yugoexport Articles of In-Corporation
Equivalence of word and deed
Produced for Yugoexport


One storefront within the Stoa tou Vivliou book arcade hosts the incorporation documents of Yugoexport, a “blind non-aligned oral corporation”. Incorporated in the United States (where corporations are people), launched in Paris and headquartered in Belgrade, her process of incorporation continues.

The in-corporation documents in Athens act as the original file. Their copies appeared at documenta 14 in Kassel and on Terazije square in Belgrade in 2017. The storefront in the book arcade is a legal document in the classical Athenian tradition, where all official tributes and laws were inscribed in papyrus and then filed in the Agora. These papyri were then copied onto marble stele and placed in public squares for oration by designated readers for the Athenian public.


Each Friday, as night falls, a member of the Army of Beautiful Women reads aloud in Greek from the in-corporation documents of Yugoexport, demonstrating the full use of the oral corporation’s principles:


April 7, 3 pm with Marina Miliou-Theocharaki
April 21, 9 pm with Klea Charitou
April 28, 9 pm with Kalliope Tsipni-Kolaza
May 5, 9 pm with Marina Miliou-Theocharaki
May 12, 9 pm with Melina Spathari
May 19, 9 pm with Klea Charitou
May 26, 9 pm with Viky Kouvaraki
June 2, 9 pm with Matoula Koutsari
June 9, 9 pm with Natalia Mavridou
June 16, 9 pm with Eleni Riga
June 23, 9 pm with Stavia Grimani
June 30, 9 pm with Nicol Nicolaou

documenta 14 Kassel, 2017

Seductive Exacting Realism, Transactional Area, detail. Neue Neue Galerie, Kassel, 2017. Photo by Anna Shteynshleyger.

June 10– September 17

Gießbergstraße 22, Kassel


SER (Seductive Exacting Realism)
Variable space for making history  
Produced for Yugoexport

Yugoexport installs a Transactional Area, a Waiting Room, and a Blind Room of Seductive Exacting Realism at Neue Neue Galerie for the duration of documenta 14.

At the heart of this space is a sound program based on an interview the artist Irena Haiduk conducted on January 14, 2015 at Harvard University’s Carpenter Center, with Srdja Popovic, co-founder of the OTPOR! student group and the consultancy CANVAS (Center for Applied Non-violent Action and Strategy). Hear this in the Blind Room, beyond the Waiting Room, on the hour, every hour. Here, voices sing the prehistory of the blind, non-aligned, oral corporation: Yugoexport. She is incorporated in the United States, where corporations are people, and headquartered in Belgrade, a capital in what used to be Yugoslavia (or South Slavia if you are speaking the language of the land).


Conceived on a sur-national scale, Yugoexport mobilizes an Army of Beautiful Women, who move with elegance and comfort. Irena Haiduk herself has ventured: “The import-export business of making history demands an equivalence, a loyalty, and a familial solidarity between people and things. Such skills are best honed in conditions of blindness, where we cannot immediately tell what is in the room with us and whether it is alive or dead.”

Welcome to a terrain of production from the South. Do not lose sight of Yugoexport’s founding maxim: “How to surround your self with things in the right way.”

List of Works:


Transactional Area

Yugoexport Articles of In-Corporation (Serbian), 2017
Marble, iron, inox, paper, charcoal, graphite, contact

Yugoexport Articles of In-Corporation (English), 2017
Marble, iron, inox, paper, charcoal, graphite, contact

Der Schalter, 2017
Paper, cardboard, plywood, inox, various fabrics, black magic, contact

Waiting Room

Waiting Objects 1-24, 2016
24 Stol Kamnik Lupina Waiting Room chairs. Procured from the former Yugoslav Agriculture Trade Center in Novi Sad
Collection of Yugoexport

Waiting Objects 25-28, 2017
3 Stol Kamnik Lupina Waiting Room chairs with marble arms. Procured from the former Yugoslav Education Ministry Headquarters in Zagreb
Collection of Yugoexport

Siren Bay Section 5, 2015
Custom Mannequin, human hair wig, Yugoform

Voice Base, 2014
Inox, botanical matter, microphone


Second Base, 2017

Inox bird training stand.

Means and Ends, 2017
marble, striking paper, matches, Marcel Proust’s Complete Works Vol 1-13 (Zagreb: Zora, 1965)

T.V. (Tamni Vilajet), 2017
17 panel two-sided mural, inkjet ash print with color pencil detail

Blind Room

Seductive Exacting Realism, 2015–ongoing
28 min, sound program commencing at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00

Proof of Sirens, 2017
Inkjet Ash Print

Proof of Siren, 2017
Inkjet Ash Print

Siren Bay Section 4, 2015
Custom Mannequin, human hair wig, Yugoform

Throughout Kassel

Spinal Discipline, 2016–ongoing
Walking performance by up to 13 members of the Army of Beautiful Women in full Yugoform:
Julia Allnoch
Isabella Artadi

Mustafa Boğa
Annika Katja Boll
Beryl Chepkirui
Mona Eing
Ozgür Genc
Mila Gligorić
Josefine Mundri
Andara Shastika
Wenti Sheng
Alma Weber

Schedule of departures from SER Waiting Room:
June 11 – September 17, 2017, every Saturday, commencing at 17:00